catching up – may/june 2014

Oh BOY, were May & June action-filled months.


For one thing, Extreme is just rapidly growing. There was a point in earlier times when the organization was so new and it was hard to even get applicants. Well, they’re just flying in now. Mike is the first recipient of any application once it’s submitted and it’s been exciting to regularly hear, “Another one came in!”  Continue reading

catching up – march/april 2014

I mentioned a couple posts ago that we were about to move apartments. That is over and done, thank goodness, and we just love our new place. Why did we move? Well, the main reasons are:

  • It is on the 9th floor (or 15th, depending on what side of the building you’re on!) so it’s MUCH warmer. Our old place didn’t receive much sun and was dark and cold.
  • It’s on one floor. I actually didn’t mind the 3 stories our last place had for the exercise, but it is not conducive for having a baby. Oh how many gates we would have had to buy!
  • It’s in a better location. It’s super close to the shopping center where we always do our grocery shopping and it’s better for city transportation – guests finding taxis, that sort of thing.
Max & me saying goodbye to the old place. Ciao!

Max & me saying goodbye to the old place. Ciao!

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busy daddy

Calling Mike “Daddy” has been easier to transition to than I thought it would be. I might forget his name is Mike… ;)

Anyway, he has been busy busy and I am thankful thankful! He takes care of our little family here so well. There are endless tasks to do – waiting in lines, calling landlords, driving places in terrible Quito traffic, waiting in more lines, calling repairmen, doing a pile of paperwork for Max’s dual citizenship and so much more.

On top of all that, el jefe came into town and they’ve been traveling a bit this week. Continue reading

and then we were three

There’s something about having your first baby that makes blogging a little less important for a while! It’s been the most different, challenging, awesome, fun, exhausting and overwhelmingly beautiful last couple months.

Avoiding pages of details (about 7 to be precise…if you’re my mother, you can read them heh), labor began the night of Saturday, January 18th and ended a little over 21 hours later. Continue reading

new year’s eve in ecuador

Last night was full of new things!

First and foremost, we FINALLY had success in connecting with neighbors. We’d been somewhat attempting it all year when opportunities arose (without coming across as pushy crazy people) with no luck. So many fellow foreigners/co-workers/friends have had more success due to a few reasons, one giant one being little light-skinned kiddos, ha! Kids always connect parents in a way we’ve never been able to accomplish but Continue reading

first Christmas in ecuador & baby update

This may sound strange, but I just finished a book written from the point of view of a lady who discovered she had Alzheimer’s Disease and it was eerily familiar. I mean, at least the very early stages of it. My “pregnant brain” is so fuzzy and that memory loss thing – oh, it’s so real. I walk into a room and totally forget what I was doing. I become engaged in conversation with Continue reading

hospital metropolitano: l&d tour

Several weeks ago, we took the hospital’s tour of the labor & delivery areas. My doctor had told me to bring any birth preferences to our next appointment to go over each one and we wanted to take the tour first – to answer some questions ahead of time (which it did) and to trigger any new ones (which it definitely did).

Fortunately, client services is great to work with – you do not need to make an appointment for the tour and we really didn’t have to do much waiting. We had to wait just a little bit because I think the main person to give the last part of the tour was finishing up a delivery or something, but we just went downstairs Continue reading