mike’s trip to idaho

At least once a year, Extreme schedules an Officers Summit. With our team members living & serving in multiple countries, we are blessed that technology can get us quite far in the communication world, but there is just an irreplaceable need to get together in person on occasion.

There have been a few recent changes within the Officer level of Extreme Nazarene and one could not make it to this week of meetings, so here are the three amigos that were able to convene. Continue reading

facebook group

DF Cover Photo

Just a quick note!

We have several new followers and due to recent events, we’ve also made several new friends. :)

I just wanted to let you know that we also have a Facebook group. It’s kept current with family updates, articles & pictures. There is a small amount of overlap in news with this blog, but there is other “exclusive” stuff, too. Hehe. Continue reading

love extreme 2014 results

Being so connected with dozens of people in the Extreme network, I tend to forget that not everyone in my life (you reader, you!) receives all the same info. I have seen so many posts the last several days on the Love Extreme results (the project I mentioned in my last post) that I keep spacing and postponing my own update!

10557339_10150430807639991_8714764766676516628_nphoto source

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ibarra visit & le 2014

The U.S. summer is always the busiest time of year for us. It’s when many students are out of school and can come serve in Ecuador and it’s just generally when people schedule their vacation days from work to go on mission projects. So we’ve been able to see a lot of old & new faces.

Last week we were able to host one of several people who came into town – an old friend Elisabeth who served with us in Peru. Max is making the cheesiest smile here!

IMG_6837 pm

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catching up – may/june 2014

Oh BOY, were May & June action-filled months.


For one thing, Extreme is just rapidly growing. There was a point in earlier times when the organization was so new and it was hard to even get applicants. Well, they’re just flying in now. Mike is the first recipient of any application once it’s submitted and it’s been exciting to regularly hear, “Another one came in!”  Continue reading

catching up – march/april 2014

I mentioned a couple posts ago that we were about to move apartments. That is over and done, thank goodness, and we just love our new place. Why did we move? Well, the main reasons are:

  • It is on the 9th floor (or 15th, depending on what side of the building you’re on!) so it’s MUCH warmer. Our old place didn’t receive much sun and was dark and cold.
  • It’s on one floor. I actually didn’t mind the 3 stories our last place had for the exercise, but it is not conducive for having a baby. Oh how many gates we would have had to buy!
  • It’s in a better location. It’s super close to the shopping center where we always do our grocery shopping and it’s better for city transportation – guests finding taxis, that sort of thing.
Max & me saying goodbye to the old place. Ciao!

Max & me saying goodbye to the old place. Ciao!

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busy daddy

Calling Mike “Daddy” has been easier to transition to than I thought it would be. I might forget his name is Mike… ;)

Anyway, he has been busy busy and I am thankful thankful! He takes care of our little family here so well. There are endless tasks to do – waiting in lines, calling landlords, driving places in terrible Quito traffic, waiting in more lines, calling repairmen, doing a pile of paperwork for Max’s dual citizenship and so much more.

On top of all that, el jefe came into town and they’ve been traveling a bit this week. Continue reading

and then we were three

There’s something about having your first baby that makes blogging a little less important for a while! It’s been the most different, challenging, awesome, fun, exhausting and overwhelmingly beautiful last couple months.

Avoiding pages of details (about 7 to be precise…if you’re my mother, you can read them heh), labor began the night of Saturday, January 18th and ended a little over 21 hours later. Continue reading